ACA Agrees, the AFT Administers Traction

In risposta alla domanda di un cliente, Howard Hill ha sostenuto con successo all'ACA che l'AFT esegue effettivamente la trazione meccanica (CPT 97012) e la distrazione della flessione. Ecco la risposta dell'ACA:

"ACA's Coding Committee has reviewed information submitted by Hill Laboratories in regard to its Automatic Flexion Table (AFT)...the ACA Coding Committee's opinion is that the table in question is in fact capable of administering both mechanical/motorized traction (CPT 97012) as well as flexion distraction (CMT). There are instances in which it would be appropriate, using this type of table, to administer the two separately reportable procedures of motorized/mechanical traction as well as flexion distraction....provided that medical necessity is provided in the clinical notes, 97012 could be reported for the motorized/mechanical traction and CMT (98940-42)...for the flexion distraction. However, the two procedures should not be performed simultaneously."

Questa è una grande affermazione e sottolinea ulteriormente il valore clinico e fiscale di Hill AFT!

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